Eir Lua

Lua 5.1 implementation of the Eir development environment. Object orriented, thread safe and modern.

The original Lua 5.1 library has been converted to C++ code. Due to advances in technology it is responsible today to trust compiler optimizations to do a good job. That is why much of the Lua 5.1 codebase has been refactored.

  • less excessive use of preprocessor macros
  • safer type casts
  • actual Lua stack model using more detectible error cases
  • exception-safety using lua_exception throwable

Lua objects are now virtual C++ classes. Eventually this may lead to a more open API into the depths of the Eir Lua core.

Recommended Compiler: Visual Studio 2017


Other project repositories are required to compile Eir Lua. Those have to be put in the same location as the eirlua folder.

Using eirlua

If you want to use this code in your own project you are meant to create a “vendor” directory in which you perform a “check-out” of it along with the listed dependencies. Here is a tutorial on how to set up your SVN repository.

  • Recommended vendor name: eirlua